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Meet Friend, the world’s leading open-source AI wearable that revolutionizes how you capture and manage conversations. Simply connect Friend to your mobile device and enjoy automatic, high-quality transcriptions of meetings, chats, and voice memos wherever you are.


  • Open-Source: Fully open-source, empowering you to customize and enhance your experience.
  • Long Battery Life: Battery that lasts for days ensures you stay connected through the week.
  • Live Transcription: Capture live voice and audio with human-level accuracy using OpenAI Whisper and Deepgram.
  • Conversation Memory: Remembers conversations, providing you with reliable records.
  • Efficient Summarization: Get instant insights and summaries powered by ChatGPT in just 5 seconds.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth enabled, LED, accelerometer, and USB-C charging.
  • App Marketplace: Expand functionality with our app marketplace.
  • Conversation Coach: Friend helps you communicate better, gives you tips and advises during conversations.


Get it on Google Play Download on App Store

iOS app beta on TestFlight

Latest firmware: v1.0.2

There are also alternative apps and firmware compatible with Friend:

Glassium - a mobile and web app for AI wearables and Agents.

Bubble Firmware - a universal firmware for open-source AI pendants.

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