Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started with your Friend. Don’t want to bother with code? Use our official version on Apple/Google store

Install the app

  1. Clone the repo git clone
  2. Install Flutter and CocoaPods
  3. Install your environment variables for apps/AppWithWearable:
    • You can copy .env.template file as .env and add your keys to it
    • Or you can set the api keys needed on the mobile App from the settings page itself (enable Developer mode)
  4. Build targets:
    • iOS: Download/install XCode then navigate to the iOS folder. You might need to launch Xcode to select a team and specify a bundle identifier.
    • Android: Download/install Android Studio then navigate to the Android folder.
  5. Run flutter clean then flutter pub get then pod install.
  6. When everything is installed, run flutter run , this should run your app on the selected device (iOS or Android).

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